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Well, it's that time of year again. My finals begin on the 9th of May, and I have to do lots of revision, as I have been doing for the past few weeks.The problem with revision for exams is that there's no way of knowing whether you've really revised enough until you actually sit there in the exam. I have had a mix of revision and recreation time this Easter, whether I put too much emphasis on recreation remains to be seen, but I don't subscribe to the 6-hours-per-day revision routine. In my experience, that consists of 2 hours of revision, and 4 hours of wasting time staring uselessly at a sheet of paper!There was a thunderstorm this morning- something of a surprise!At the moment, many people will think I'm a boring sod, because I am taking a big interest in the proceedings for the World Embassy Snooker Championship. I think Stevens, with his experience, will probably win the final, but it's still a tough one to call, I'm not sure who I want to win either!The episodes with Peter Ebdon were rather intriguing to my mind- I think he may not necessarily have doing gamesmanship against Ronnie O'Sullivan, and that it is more likely that he got so caught up in his "give every shot its full attention" that he went way overboard (at 10-9 it did get really out of hand!) In a strange way, I really enjoyed that Ebdon-O'Sullivan match. However, as we know, he was then knocked out in the next round anyway.

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Ah revision...the time when my cooker was always clean, lawn mowed etc, etc :D

All of a sudden you find yourself compelled to clean the house or any other thing except study.

Thankfully I have had my share of studying but hubbie is revising for his MBA (at Durham University) so I know the pressures/distractions you face.

Good luck with your exams and I agree that 6 hour "studying" does not work and having rewards like "a night off and going to the pub" are the best way to get effective study time B)

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That young kid in the final deserved the title, he played like a seasoned pro who had several finals under his belt. The future looks bright for him.

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Yes- I agree, I thought he played extremely well, and as the final went on I found myself increasingly rooting for him as opposed to Stevens.

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