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March 2005 Weather Summary

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This was definitely a month of two halves as far as temperatures were concerned.The first half of the month had a distinct northwest-southeast split, with the northwest having the lion's share of the sunshine and the southeast being cold and cloudy with wintry showers. Lancaster largely missed the snow again, but it did at least hold onto a good deal of sunshine. The 1st had some very heavy hail showers.Towards midmonth, and another northerly set in, producing some snow flurries on the 14th. It wasn't an especially potent snap, even though the forecast models had initially suggested it would be.Then in came the mild south-westerlies. Everyone were going ballistic expecting a warm sunny spell of spring weather, but for most of us, it didn't turn out that way. Sunshine was hard to come by even in parts of the southeast, and although the 18th and 19th were fine in many areas, they were cloudy at my location.I went back to Tyneside on the 20th of the month, and until the 25th there was a mixed bag of weather, some sunny weather and some cloudy weather, and the odd band of rain. Thundery showers affected parts of the south, providing interest on Net-weather. The last week, however, was dominated by North Sea drizzle- to the point when by the 31st, I had almost got used to there not being any sunshine!With a mean of 46%, I didn't rate March 2005 particularly highly, and indeed the last March to record a lower score on my classification was 2000.

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