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Domestic Duties

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I’ve not been on the forum as much as I normally am as Mrs Kar has just come out of hospital after a major surgical procedure and will be somewhat incapacitated for at least 6 weeks. As a consequence I’m having to look after her, the dog and keep my job down which, at the moment, is one of my busiest times.

Being chief cook and bottle washer isn’t an issue because I’ve lived on my own before and I also love cooking. Mrs Kar can shuffle out to the garden and the other day she light heartedly commented on how I had pegged out the washing. I informed her that it would dry just the same and pointed out that despite scoring zero for technical merit I ought to get full marks for artistic presentation.

Although the Netweather Forum has to be one of the best the web has to offer (Paul, free NW Extra subscription would be most welcome!) there are so many excellent forums out there. Having read the one that deals with Mrs Kar’s current situation I am reliably informed that she can commence light domestic duties by post-op week 3.

So I’ll have her mowing the lawn soon but I’m not sure if splitting logs falls under light domestic duties or not. Maybe I should leave that till week 4? Any advice gratefully received.

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I have some advice for you... learn how to peg washing out correctly... It matters! :D

Best wishes to Mrs Kar. :)

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Thanks Lady P for your kind wishes. I knew something was not quite right when Mrs Kar thought I had strung up one of the neighbours when it was in fact her dressing gown hanging out to dry.

Suggesting it would double as a scarecrow didn't go down well either! ;)

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