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my annual sun burn warning

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If you read this please do take note. I would hate you to end up with skin cancer.

It can be very minor, just having cuts and stitches but I lost a very good friend when his skin cancer turned into something lethal.

May I just make a plea to all you sun lovers, all pretty young, well at least compared to me.

Soggy Wales comments about being on chemo - can I ask is that for cancer?

To all you others, please, please do take very great care.

Some of you mention looking like a lobster, stop allowing that asap, or else you will very probably end up with skin cancer.

Use the highest factor possible, in the UK and abroad, the sun burns just as much from about mid Spring into mid autumn as mid summer. It has nothing to do with how hot it feels. Beware, as someone has already mentioned, sunbathing with salt on you from the sea, without applying high value sun tan. Beware the wind, it feels cool but the sun burns just the same.

Likewise for skiers and boarders, yes its -1 or maybe -20C but the sun burns far more at altitude than at low level.

I have some experience of what can happen when we do some of the things I've mentioned as I have skin cancer, some 14-15 operations and around 65 external stitches so far. All because, up to about 10 years ago I thought it good to have a tan!

50 years ago there was some excuse as I make the point to my skin cancer specialist, there was NO warning other than do not burn.


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A friend's brother in law died from skin cancer in his 40s. He loved haveing a "healthy" tan.

Be pale and interesting like me :)

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One of my friends, Pam, who lives in Brighton told me that her next door neighbour got cancer (skin cancer) on the face and it literally destroyed her face through the operations she had to have to try and remove it - I don't know the outcome as I lost touch with Pam.

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Good on you, John!

Little Nellie is very fair and spends the whole time in direct sun in a big hat, long sleeves and factor 50: I think some of the other parents think I'm a bit over cautious, but I just couldn't risk her getting frazzled!

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Thank you John.

I have to say I am as pale as they come, but a friend of mine is a big sun junky she is always on at me to get out there and get a tan, ok yes it would be nice to have a tiny bit of colour rather than look anemic but pale is ok with me, I am hoping that reading this will make her think a bit.... we shall see.

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