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The Biggest freeze in the last 10,000 years is coming...

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Be afraid be very afraid....

At the last iceage The north atlantic drift stalled as a vast amount of fresh water (which is less dense than salty water) was forced into the North Atlantic Ocean. What warms the N.Hemispehre in summer is this current, as warm water rides it travels north encouraging warmth but there is evidence that this is now slowing down. The warmer air being pulled north will stop and with no warm air heading north cold air will track south cooling the entire globe in less than 100 years. The N.hemisphere will be impacted immediately before the s.hemisphere will be impacted later. This isnt a question of how but when? With the ice cas melting at such a rate vast amounts of fresh water will enter the atlantic ocean causing cooling much like the last iceage... GLOBALLY! There is no stop to this now. The current is slowing and the warm waters are continuing to travel north but at a much slower rate as the warmer fresher ocean are warming but the colder water is refusing the fall to create the current... The signs of the next iceage will be when the ocean cool signifantly and the average temperature could fall by 6 degrees.... The extinction of the human race? Only the next 100 years will tell.

Global Warming is real but it will lead us into the next iceage.... bear this in mind next time you drive to the shop because it is now a waiting game.. our only hope is for us to slow down the rate inwhich it happens but we need global uniting of reduction in carbonm emmisions which are warming us and melting the Ice preparing us for the next ice age!


Latest update to my theory ****AMUST SEE*****


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If it did happen how soon could it happen.

Of course there will always be the big 'if' word but here is the current synoptics. We are continuing to pour great amounts of C02 into the atmosphere. As we all know C02 is the main cause of global warming. Now already the effects are being seen with vast amountsd of ice melting in the arctic and Antartic. Like desribed from the last ice age 10 mellelias ago a large amount of fresh water was deposited in the atlantic causing widspread cooling to thos who recieved the warmth from the ocean currents, europe and america. Snow fell in july in some parts of america!!! But the main cause for concern lies now because of the vast amounts of fresh water being deposited into the oceans disrupting and slowing these currents. So in response to your question, based upon what we know, a new iceage is inevtiable but judging by the current rate of decrease in cooler water sinking i would estimate in the next 75 years we could see the start of a much cooler period or the next 'ICE AGE'. At the soonest the next 10 years but i would bet on the next 75. The only way we can stop this is by increasing the density of the water so that the colder water sinks again but at this moment in time it is looking like an ice age is inevitable.


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