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It doesn't fit

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Much to my amusement today I learnt that however hard they try, labradors do not fit down rabbit holes.

Today I went to Tesco. This was nearly fun - I'm trying to buy food that is not served with chips. One of these days I'm going to end up looking like a great big chip (aunt bessies preferably).

Last weeks was a disaster - 2 of my new things to eat were horrid and unfit for human consumption.

This week my new things are curries. I even bought naan bread to go with them.

I still bought 3 pizzas though just in case.

Also these days in what little spare time I have I am learning up on some languages. This week I am mostly learning French.

Today in lesson 5 I am hoping to find out if le fille a attrape le ballon. It's so exciting. I also plan to learn german and maybe a little dutch and arabic.

Got to keep the grey matter ticking over.

Ooo bathtime. now where's ducky

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Ou est le canard en caoutchouc?

Ou est la plume de ma tante?

Ou est mon cerveau?

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Bien sur.

Or possibly mais oui.

Je ne sais pas.

*shrugs in a Gallic style*

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