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New week, new nose.

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Azores Hi


Nose is a lot better today. I'm pretty sure that it was sinusitis. Everyone said that it would end suddenly with an unexpected cascade of snot down my face, probably in the middle of a meeting.

This didn't happen and actually I'm quite dissapointed. Does this make me a bad person?

Cat update.......

My cat has taken to sleeping across the back of the couch with his head over hanging the radiator. Every 10 mins he gets up has a drink because it gets too hot, and goes back to the same place. One day I found him actually across the radiator frantically licking himself in order to keep himself cool. Poor thing, a have too laugh at him, but then I remember it's not nice to mock the afflicted.

I've built a new green house recently and this weekend I filled the raised beds with nice new compost. 'Ahh' thought kitty, a new toilet? No Cat.....don't even think about it.....or you will be my next pair of fur-lined gloves..

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