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What an adventure

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Today I used public transport to get to work.

It only took 4 times longer and is only nearly 3 times as expensive. Let's all do it.

Good luck to anyone trying to read a stagecoach timetable and figuring out how to get from a to b at a particular time in Perth.

Stupid car nearly passed its mot. the brakes passed but when they stripped down the wheel to see the suspnsion they looked and said they were going to fail the brakes cos they look bad.

Which leaves me with my next dilemma - the tax runs out in 3 days and I can't get tax without an mot. How does that work cos I'll get the mot next week sometime hopefully.

Apparently I need...

A new balljoint

A new hub carrier



and probably a wheel bearing depending on how the hub is. Thank God I have lovely neighbour with a set of tools who will work for a bottle of whisky.

In other news I have written the opening twelve bars for my pop song. It's really rubbish at the moment. Although it's running through a ten year old sound card through my monitor speakers. I really need to reassemble my studio.

And on netweather I'm writing some software that will do everything so that's a wee bit fiddly and hurrting my head.

And in my spare time I go to the gym in order to keep improving on the body beautiful.

As a wise man once said...


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