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Flatters to deceive

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Was walking home in the cold winds and mixed sky… and on my way I could make out big black clouds on the horizon. As I got home at around 6pm I looked out of my window due North West and I noticed these amazing black beauties were heading my way. You could distinguish the precipitation falling from them in the distance as big black lines and everything! I waited intensely as these clouds smothered the suddenly wintry sky above me, the air was sharp and cold… with potential of snow. The grey steel sky remained above… but nothing was falling I waited and I waited, made myself dinner. Looked out of the window again, still very dark. I went into the conservatory. At least by now there was a bit of precipitation. Pittar patter against the roof… and that was about as good as it got, before those dark threatening clouds moved south… leaving me wondering why such heavy steel coloured clouds could only produce a minutes worth of sleety drizzle!

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