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i've seen the sign

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thought i'd come back to blogland cos i'm bored..

every day i drive to work past a sign 'Bag your own manure £1' - :whistling:

another sign ... 'for glasgow follow signs to stirling' ..... swiftly followed by 'welcome to stirling' i imagine

not as good as the signs on some of the signs on the m6 saying 'sign not in use'

on the hot water tap at work 'caution hot water' well duh

on another note last friday the 'great coffee machine disaster of 2007' occurred. someone shook the chocolate machine to catch a dangly and bashed the pipe supplying the coffeee machine.

i could not cope during the afternoon and all i could think of was a great cup of coffee when i got home.

I got in, put the kettle on, put the coffee and sugar in my cup.

Then enjoyed the aroma as i delicately poured the water into the cup.

went to the fridge ....

no sodding milk

i could have cried...

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