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France and fascism

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Not much relation really just in the headlines about le pen's campaign starting, two words starting with f i guess but anyway.

Just got back from France this week in which we drive to stanstead and fly to poitiers or sometimes liverpool-limoges but anyway it was a nice week but the weather was changeable but we didn't go to do anything as such other than garden work. We put some decking up and made some stairs because the garden is in two levels now since we had the sanitation works done and i dug out some half dead bushes, other than that we went to Saintes which is a very nice place if you can ever get there we went to the old roman ampitheatre and to the church and a verrrrrry nice restaurant where i got some slightly raw steak but good non the less, a couple of pics below.

Enjoy and thanks, DB :whistling:

P.s going to be putting up my weekend before france blog soon, amazing weekend the best i've ever had out!

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