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A weekend of utter filth

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Oh where to begin? This weekend i've been in Manchester yet again and it was the best weekend of my life because on friday night i went on the train to my girlfriends but forgot the tickets for the after party. doh.

So on saturday morning we went back to mine to get the tickets and then onto manchester where we helped a friend move loads of clothes for this coming winters collection SO after that we did abit of shopping and headed out to Wagamamas for tea which is a japanese chain restaurant where it is reeeeeally informal and you get good food as it comes, i have chilli beef ramen which is like a big bowl of soup with noodles/chillies/lemongrass/coriander/red onion and beef and i had tori kore age and duck gyoza which were v nice.

After we had been back and changed we went to the NME shindig at the academy where i saw the klaxons, nypc, sunshine underground and CSS who were amazing...you should really check them out, only problem was the d1cks snapping glowsticks and throwing it over people(they obv. don't know what is in them) THEN we went to the roadhouse for the afterparty and it was utter filth i have to admit dancing and drinking with the klaxons james was a major highlight and jamie was playing a dirty dirty set. In there we met some guys from Etnies and some other London skate labels so obviously we went back to there apartment which was in the same complex as our....many drinks later and them stubbing fags out in brand new trainers which aren't even on sale i stumbled up at about 5 a.m this morning so i am totally £ucked but i bought some nice records this aft!

Whoop, ta-ra DB!

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