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A funny thing happened......

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A funny old world isn't it? The Govt. issues guidelines for families yet if you choose to adopt them and advise others of the same you get into bother? No skin off my nose though an unexpected/unprecedented thing

My partner was a tad concerned that I had 'given too much of myself away' on the particular thread and that 'it would lead to persecution' as is the norm with people of difference but my spidee senses told me it was OK and, as it is, it is OK.

The Deed was done, the veiw passed on and (for me) the task completed, not bad for half a days labours?


Both the increase in 'virus shedding' in feral duck populations and the Feline ability to pass the virus from cat to cat via airbourne virus is of great concern.

On the boards you only get to talk to folk who wish to deny any problem or label you a doomsayer for wishing to keep folk 'updated' who do not care to search out the info themselves , hopefully the more 'sensitive' will be checking up on the progress of this nasty little visitor under their own steam as we approach P-0.

So far as the Topic is concerned it will re-appear shortly (before the March peak in infections/spread) so I'll see how someone else approaches the Topic.


We both had eye tests today and lo and behold both our eye sights have improved since we took up Scenar use. Missus had 'measle damaged' eyes since childhood which have now 'healed' bringing her back to 20/20 vision and my sight was starting to become affected by my age (pulling close focus wasn't too good) but I am back to having 'young mans eyes' ho hum.....

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Rather than ask on the board - what exactly is scenar - anything to improve "old age" eyesight has to be a good thing - hope u don't mind me asking.

ps - ref H5N1 - you are so right (there's none so blind as those who don't want to see)

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Rather than ask on the board - what exactly is scenar - anything to improve "old age" eyesight has to be a good thing - hope u don't mind me asking.


Scenar (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is an electrical 'box of tricks' that the Soviets invented to help their 'long stay' Cosmonauts keep well in the space station.

When the USSR realised that USA would get to the moon first they started to prove they could stay in space long enough to go to mars (the reason they hold the longest in space record) To keep people up there and well would take some kinda huge medicine cabinet (too heavy to fly) and also the Water is recyled so any drug one crew member was on would be 'shared' amongst the rest of the crew (eventually) so the brief went out to produce a medicinal 'cure all'.

We have used Chemicals to manipulate our body and its ailments for as long as mankind has existed but the body is both electrical and chemical in nature. Any signal to release hormones/neuropeptides, change our metabolism etc. come down our nerves and at their ends (the ganglion) they exchange information via an electro-chemical release to promote the desired change. The Russians took the 'eletrical route' of helping the body help itself.

Your body is incredible. It has it's own pharmacy and is in a permanent balencing act to keep you functioning perfectly. When not at ease with itself we have dis-ease within the system.

The Scenar, via its microprocessing capability, takes activity readings from the skin (lots of sensors on the skin monitoring temp humidity etc.) if the neurons below (in our subcutinous Neural junction boxes) are very active (busy trying to fix something) it picks up the signal, modulates it slightly and fires it back out into the body. The body reads the signal, doesn't quite get it so explores the areas of origin where it 'rediscovers' the dydfunction and focus's on dealing with it.

Sadly most illnesses/injuries never heal properly. They get nearly done and then the body moves on to the next problem. The body also habitualises very quickly to ailments it doesn't see as a threat . if you've ever had a back rub and had an 'oow' moment then you'll have experienced an unresolved muscle strain that your body had stopped bugging you about or 'ignored'. The muscle was still cying out for help but your body recognised it and ignored it as nothing that was happening that was a threat to it's continuation though you may have had 'secondary symptoms as other muscle groups took over the work of the strained one. The slight pressure sent a signal of strength 1 to your brain but that was on top of the strength 9 signbal that your body was already sending but had ignored. You felt a strength 10 jolt and went 'OOww'.

We have a genetically disadvantaged son and so it is hard to diagnose his ailments but not now (he has no language). His development has blossomed over the 2 1/2 yrs he's been using ,so much so that he is to be put forward for an award for his recent 'achievements. My partner and I may kid ourselves over our great improvements but Luke and his development can't lie (neither do our eye tests!! )Sarah, my partner had damaged eyes from childhood measles which was inoperable and, she was told ,for life.

Scenar helps you fix yourself and you are your best healer!

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