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My Predictions

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Just a little information to explain how make my own weather predictions.

The predictions do not actually come from myself but from my spirit guide Matthew. I have never strayed into the world of weather using my gift to predict the weather before. Since I have started to predict certain weather events for particular periods of time they have been pretty close to the mark I would say.

Now do I have a reason maybe that sometimes they do not fall on the exact date maybe a day or two before or after the exact date?

It maybe that when he gives me the dates that you are getting extra advanced warning as in my last predictions for 10th February today. Some may still have some snow in mountain areas but the main snow events occurred on the 8th and then a big one on the 9th yesterday.

I would call that advance warning in that he gave me the 10th as an actual date for a significant weather event yet it did occur a day or two before. Another reason could be because spirit do not view time how we do here in the physical world. There is no time in spirit.

Anyway if you would still like me to predict using my own methods then I shall continue. If you would rather I not then I will stop. Having said that I do find the scientific approach fascinating and I do think there is room for alternative ways of forecasting other than the traditional scientific method.

I don't think i have done too bad with the dates so far!


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