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Well today is the day that I turn 34... and what an unusual birthday it is....No dinner out ( I can't cope with cooking smells at the mo) and no toast to celebrate either.....oh well! film and a pizza I think, if I can manage it!But so far it has been a very good birthday...Got bought some lovely things, including a guide to british birdsong, which has two cds so you can listen too.....blooming marvellous and EXACTLY what I've always wanted....great for listening to when I have to put my feet up....and maybe now I'll be able to identify something even if I can't see it!Also got the complete series of Ivor the Engine and Bagpuss which is fantastic and will a great way to subvert miniroo!!! Got lots of books and book tokens too, which is perfect for me, and a cd by June Tabor (folk stuff). ...and a pregnancy survival kit from my elderly next door neighbour....it was really sweet and she'd gone to lots of effort to find me various soothing creams and cooling sprays, as well as some lime refreshing wet wipes and some raspberry tea....all in a gift bag wrapped up with a big ribbon! what a nice lady she is!anyways, am off for a snooze now so will speak to you all soon......Roo :)

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Happy birthday Roo.

Ivor the Engine, and Bagpuss, oh how it brings back memories. There is this new program starting on BBC4 soon all about old childrens programs like Bagpuss Mr Ben etc. Not sure if the program is about them or it is showing them as re-runs.

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Happy Birthday Roo

Ivor the Engine "sherdie com, sherdie com" :rolleyes: :lol:

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Thanks guys..and yes, I am looking forward to many hours of Oliver Postgate productions!

Haven't got digital, but am hoping they wil repeat it at some point :D

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