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Robert's faith system

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Michael Winston


faith system

Robert, I'm sure you mean well but seriously, please don't talk as if you know everything that the weather is going to bring over the coming x months, it really doesn't do your credibility any favours at all.
Hi, Paul. I've got no strong opinion one way or another about Robert's methodology, but I don't think he's being immodest, malicious or inappropriately self-promoting :-he's being quite the opposite as I see it. Faith? I got out of bed this morning convinced that I would not die today - isn't that an act of faith, considering that many people in the same boat as myself are now dead? Arthur C. Clarke remarked that today's technology would be indistinguishable from magic to a person born 100 years ago, so what sort of call can I make, both as a scientist and a Christian, about anyone's methodology or beliefs? Every scientific methodological / analytical system is a belief system: look what happened to Galileo and Copernicus for challenging the prevailing methodology with their 'heretical' science . There are plenty of scientists alive today who are convinced that they are going to Heaven when they die. 'There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio...' and if nothing else, Robert is a one-off that spices up the forums: particularly when those forums can be peppered with badly informed observations such as my own! Relax! It's fun. One way or another, we'll all know for sure whether he's right or wrong in about 50 years or so!! (sooner, in my case!). George Santayana reminds us in his writings that a fanatic is one who redoubles his efforts long after he has lost his way - postings by a very small number of people who are convinced they are absolutely right annoy me much more than a harmless individual like Robert with a 'discredited' outlook on the world. This isn't a diatribe against you Paul; please don't think it is - I would never criticise folks on NW; that's a cardinal sin in my book. I simply believe that we all have our tale to tell and it's very important that we find our voice in order to tell it. Life's brief enough - enjoy it while you can. When you've been dead for 100,000,000 million years, that's just a fraction of the time you'll be dead for!!!!!! By the way, its sleeting now in Birmingham and I'm extremely p****d off at those on the 'other side' for allowing this to happen - to say nothing about the b*****s at the Met Office for their unerring inaccurate short-term forecasts! It's bell, book and candle time, I'm afraid!! With every best wish, Thanks for putting up with my ramblings and sincere apologies, mods. Mike.
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