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3rd March 2007 Weather Prediction

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I know some on here seem interested in my unconventional way I use for predicting weather.

I am just giving you the date of my next prediction I was given.

I was given 3rd March 2007 for something (Very Big) for us here in the UK.

If I get any other prediction date for weather sooner than the big event for 3rd March then I will post it when and if i get it.

Again it was not so specific as to what kind of weather event this will be. My own feelings on this is that it will tend more towards a very big wintry event.

Anyway the prediction is done now and out the way.

I also want to say that this site is the best in the UK for weather information and it helps so many to plan ahead with events and precautionary weather warnings that are given from time to time which could actually save lives in severe weather instances.

Well done NW for the work that you put in to making this site the best around. I look forward to future features that will be coming soon and long into the future :whistling:


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Lets hope it is snow! My birthday is 2 days after and I would love some snow as an early pressie 8)

Hey Andy well just because that exact date was given me does not mean you won't get anything :D

hehe I hope you do get an early birthday present :drinks::drinks:

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