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Well I had to wait in at home yesterday morning for a bed to be delivered so managed to get some painting done to the dinning room (no more bright orange). I'm hoping to finish it off today so we can get back to normality.I raced off to work after the delivery men had been. There was nothing on the radio, just Jo Whiley wittering on about some band which were dreadful so put a CD on. So there I am singing my heart out to Tears for Fears as loud as I can without a care in the world. Then I notice someone wave at me from the car in front. I don't know anyone with a M reg Landrover Discovery? The teenage boy waves againg, then his mate on the other side waves :) OMG they had just been watching my performance, what do I do? try to ignore them they will be more interested in something else in a second ? No way, they waved and waved and waved for the next excruciating 20 mins :) Thankfully they turned off just as I hit the car park but I did give them a small wave as we parted and then cracked up laughing at myself :)

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