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Bout time I put an entry in.

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Baltic Regions


Thought it was about time to put another entry in my blog seeing as it has only been a year since the last one.

Waiting with baited breath for the upcoming wintry weather this week and thought I'd enter it in the blog so I can look back on the usual rollercoaster this weather brings.

Sunday night and waiting for the snow to come. Weather warning out by the met office for accumulations in my county above 100 meters. I live in a place that has a climate all of it's own. You could leave Belfast heading northe up the M" and as you rise up the side of Cave Hill towards Glengormley the weather just changes in front of your eyes from Rain to sleet to snow. I've lived here for almost 7 years now and my first winter here was the most impressive. Plenty of Ice days and large icicles hanging of the houses. Haven't seen any of that really since. Get the usual good wintry spell each year and I'm hoping this wont be the only one.

Work tomorrow :drinks:

But not yet :blush:

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