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Day 2 - Wahoo

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Well, I managed to do it...well...at least make a start. I now havent touched a ciggie for over 24 hours :rolleyes:

Most of yesterday was surprisingly, OK. At the end of the evening, MrsL started getting stressed and grumpy (A typical Sunday Evening :lol: )

Anyway...today is day 2. This I have found (sometimes along with day 3) the hardest of the days. In fact, as soon as I was up, I felt like a ciggie. It could have been because I didnt have a nicitine patch on (goes on after a shower in the morning), or because its my first working day (at home) without one.

I have such a bad habit with working from home. I get up, have a ciggie (whilst the tea is brewing), make the tea (take MrsL one), come downstairs and drink my tea whilst flicking through e-mails. Finish cuppa, then another ciggie. Shower etc, then another ciggie. Then, throughout the day, i'm smoking.

So today, is going to be a tough day.

I have my patch, I have some tablets (OTC though :doh: ).

So fingers crossed, I make it through the day. After today, i've got a day in my UK H/O, and a day travelling down to London and back. So a couple of busy days, which should help distract me.

I suppose the only other possible problem is MrsL. She usually finds it easier to give up, but she is very stressed and tired at the mo. I'm just hoping her will power carries through.

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Thanks AH :)

Actually, really struggling at the mo. My concentration level is low, and feel rather aggitated :(

I have been in two shops this morning, both which sell ciggies, and have resisted buying them. Could really do with one, just to get my concentration back...but I just know that if I do, it will be an excuse I use all the time.

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Thanks Lou :)

Still havent had one, but I really have struggled with work today. Things to organise, and people too call...I just find it all hard.

But I will get there.

MrsL is working late tonight, so I would be at home all alone until 10 tonight. But instead, i'm going to go shopping, take my mind of things, and get stuck in a traffic jam.

Hey ho though...it'll be better than watching rubbish on TV and thinking "Surely smoking does less harm than watching Eastender" :lol:

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Thanks SS :)

Only about an hour or so before MrsL gets home. Have eaten loads tonight (a bit of a worry), but feeling like I couldnt eat anymore.

Cravings have eased a little this evening, but still have some, at least.

Up at 5am tomorrow morning, for a day in the office. Another 'test', as I have certain habits of driving down to my office (certain places where I have a ciggie). I dont usually smoke that much at the office, so that part shouldnt be too bad.

I really hope these cravings start easing though. It been a little tense this evening, and I could really do with starting to feel some kind of benefit soon...something to boost the reason for doing this :(

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Pick on fruit Chris, or veg, I used to cut up aload of cherry toms and carrots and pic on them when I gave up last time, must start thinking about giving up again :blush:

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