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Time for a Tipple

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Its that time of year again. Works winding down a little (Christmas rush at our customers, means its hard to get meetings with them), and once again, our work has kindly put up for our Christmas Party (MrsL's Christmas Party is funded by a huge fund of £0 from the government).

Its always a great time. A few drinks, some nice food, and a little disco dancing.

I've been looking forward to this for a while, as we have been so busy recently, we just havent had time to chill out. So, with a night out, and a night away *snigger*, what a difference a change will make.

Still havent given up smoking, but certainly havent given up giving up. Sunday (yes, another try it day) is the new day for us to be healthier..hopefully :rolleyes:

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Well' we've been ready to go, for the last half an hour now.

BUT...we need to get the cat in, and tuck him in for the night.

All through the week, when i'm working from home, he comes in, early afternoon, and has a nap. Today...oh no. He decides to be different. :rolleyes:

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