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Fish finger hairgel

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Today I found the perfect alternative to hairgel.......Fish fingers :( Princess Tilly was trying to eat some bits of fish finger and kept missing her mouth and hitting her forehead. Anyway, in the bath her hair was stuck up Cameron Diaz :rolleyes:

Went to Sidmouth today and boy they must have had a wild night last night. Lots of shingle across the road and loads of big branches down :( apparently Budleigh Salterton (not far away) is still without electricity

What else, oh found out at 7.30pm that I was expected to make some cakes for the school's association, so made some choccie brownies :lol:

Oops, forgot to mention the nutters at Sidmouth Surfin :D I think a few of the North Devon surfer came down to catch the action :( (nutters :doh: )

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Hey Katie did you like Sidmouth? You'll have to go back in the summer to check out the gardens and the quality ice cream shop :) .

I remember being there in stormy weather a few times. Also one year, when my brother was working in a hotel, they actually had boulders from the sea defence thingys washed up on the promenade :blink: .

As for Cameron Diaz hair, mmm, there's certainly something about Mary!

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