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Weeks Weather

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Interesting past week's weather.I spotted a large funnel cloud on Wednesday then contemplated staying up all night to see if the South West thunderstorms would reach up here, I don't know why because they never do in summer. Just a bit of rain. Then I did the same on Thursday, again after hours of waiting a shower. The only thunderstorms I get here are home grown ones, thanks to the valleys :) . They get quite nasty as well and are only small and because there covering such a small area they're usually ignored by everyone down south. I'll be sat their looking at the sferics grinning at all the brightly covered cross over me while there's huge swaves of them heading over the channel to the South East. :) They also get good views of all the approaching thunderstorms, I'm not that lucky, hills everywhere and by the time I see it, its gone dark, and then thunder! Still I'd rather have the thunder than see all the clouds float by and come nowhere near me.Finally, I've booked my theory test for driving, I was confident but now I'm not to sure. I've almost mastered the hazard perception test so while I'm completing tons of A-Level work I'll have to fit some theory practice in.

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