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Bar Stewards !!!

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Back in May we had an offer accepted on a house in the town I now live in.

We've been at their beck and call ever since and now they have decided to take the house off the market. The fact we have been stressed to get a valuation, searches etc really naffs me off :lol:

Oh well, what goes around comes around and they will suffer for their decissions :rolleyes:

Back to looking in the paper etc for new house :doh:

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ugh, that sucks Katie, sorry to hear that. Its about time England adopted the Scottish model, then all this nonsense would stop, or at least penalties become payable.

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Sorry to hear about that too Katie. We've only ever bought one house, and were lucky it was a new build (so a bit hard to fall apart).

Agree with SM...There should be penalties for doing what they've done.

Our best friends are in the same boat too. Which has also had consequences on our new years party, as we were going to go to a hotel where they were going to move to, but arent any more.

Good luck with the house hunting :)

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