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Good Friday

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This should have been posted on Friday but I didn't do something correctly :) Well got up early to try to beat the crowds at Tesco, unfortunately a few other people had the same idea :) Headed off to York only to find the road shut as they had discovered the body of the missing girl from Hull. It 's very sad and makes me shudder to think I must have driven past her body umpteem times in the last few weeks :) My thoughts are with the familiy, who at last can start to grieve properly. Got back to find the guy across the road had not only cleaned his car (as per usual) but cleaned his engine as well :) So felt obliged to wash my car.I'm trying my hand at making hot cross buns, I can see why people buy them now - what a faff on :) The receipe says "these are a wonderful treat to make for breakfast" :) you would have to get up at 5am to make them for breakfast.I think I'll make the Easter Chocolate cake receipe next :) Oh by the way the receipies are from a magazine my brother introduced me to called Delicious which is really good :)

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