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A moan (even I moan sometimes)

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Osbourne One-Nil


I'm not a bad bloke to live with. I do more than my fair share, I do all the cooking, I don't count the pennies and I make sure I take enough time off to have quality time and I'm drop-dead gorgeous and very witty. Why, therefore, on only the 4th day of work in 7 years (as opposed to my 2400-odd) do I get a gobful in the morning about coming to bed late and waking a certain someone up? Even if I did wake that person up for 5 mins, they still managed 8 hours and 55 minutes' worth of sleep, as opposed to my 3 and a half.

You know...sometimes, just sometimes I wonder why I bloody bother.

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You should try MrsL OON (although, not literally).

I was up at 5 yesterday morning (and the day before), burshed my teeth (electronic noisy jobbie), coughed to my hearts content, put the TV on, slammed door and drawers, turned lights on and off...nothing.

But dont be deceived though...she still likes a moan :doh: (unlike myself *snigger*)

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You bother, like the rest of us, because every so often (for about three minutes,) they're really quite nice to be with.

I find that if I get jip for doing my best the most appropriate response is to do my worst, just to remind Mrs.P that I can truly be an awful male stereotype if I want.

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funnily enough i have had the same problem too. what similar lives we lead eh OON?

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Know how you feel there OON, even as I type I am guessing that Mrs P will be asleep right up until the point I want some of the duvet, then all hell will break loose. It just goes to show how easy going we are.

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