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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Lots of things have happened since my last blog. We eventually decided on the 3 choices for little mans secondary school, not withstanding a lot of stress and trying to fight our way through the mindfield of which school would be best for him as an individual. <_< We wont be told until 1.3.07 which school he has been allocated by the LEA, but regardless I hope that the 3 choices are the "best" ones for him. He did so very very well in his 11+ that the choice was made slightly harder as it was obvious that we needed to make sure they were going to stretch him, but he is such a deep child that we needed to make sure that it also had the right pastoral care for him.

As we have moved we are having to change GP's surgery and I hate having to go through the family history of cancer, my medical history including the cancer, the genetics testing etc etc. Some doctors just look at you so matter of fact as though it is absolutely normal and others seem to understand the pressure that nursing all of your family members until their deaths of cancer and having cancer yourself can have on you. Still waiting our genetic results, believe it ir not. It's only 3 years now! We did receive a letter from the hospital saying that we could pay $3000.00 to have them tested in the USA nad we would have the results in 3 months! :unsure:

Is anyone else out there into Strictly come dancing. I have to say I am hooked, especially after the fireworks last week! :rolleyes: It is complete escapisam for me from the stress of work, things have been so difficult that I needed to find something that I could switch off with.

Little man is on steriods at the moment as he had a bad asthma attack on Friday 27.10.06 and despite nebulisers and inhalers at least 4 times a day, he was still struggling a little. Amazing isn't it. He has walked 290 miles, climbed the 3 peaks in 22 hours, almost weekly swims 1000 metres and nothing..... no problems at all. He stay's at a friends for the night and they land up having to take him to hospital! Well at least he is on the mend now. I have to say I was really really worried about him :rolleyes: , but as always he has bounced back as quick as he became ill.

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