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Azores Hi


Well I thought I would start with something random hence my first entry regarding my cat.

This may make you feel that I may be not all there. Please be assured that most of the time I am a fairly rational person with no major personality problems (apart from the occasional murder). No... seriously it's been years since the last one... I'm not really inspiring your confidence am I?

I can't promise that I won't post the odd random memory of former pets and people I've known but I can promise that they should at least amuse some of you out there, even just a little bit.

As for Charlie the one eyed cat, sadly we lost him to the curse of the main road alittle over a year ago. He was particularly special. His lack of eye, he made up for with a huge personality.

We have a new cat now, his name is Sonny. Although he has his full compliment of eyes the same cannot be said about his braincells. Last night, he fell over his own tongue. Need I say more?

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