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It's as if autumn will never come!

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It’s yet again another warm day out there! And still all people do is complain that it is cold! C’mon guys we have just had a record breaking warm September and October is looking like going the same way as well, you have not rights to complain that is it cold! After a few chilly mornings it did seem that autumn may be creeping in but alas today and the next few days will tell otherwise. At least there aren’t those stupid rumours of a severely cold winter coming like last autumn. I remember a few weather sites were saying that it “may be slightly chillier than the last few winters” … and of course by the time the media got hold of it, it came out as “coldest winter in a century coming up for definite!” of course people didn’t question what the media were saying and believed every word that came out. I had people at college saying “it’s going to be the coldest winter ever; I read it in the Daily Mail today!!” the very fact that they just took every word the bleedin’ daily mail said just strengthened my point further. You can’t forecast the weather correctly beyond 24 hours and that’s a cold fact, excuse my pun. In the end it was a fairly normal winter with a few mild spells and a few cold spells, but even then I had mother asking me “was this the severe winter they were talking about” when we went through these run of the mill every winter cold spells!

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