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Celebrations all round

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Well we have just come back from our favourite chinese restaurant. Little mans Nanny and Great Nanny and Uncle Chris came with us. It was his nannies birthday on 12th so we had booked the restaurant initially for that, but also for the fact that we were expecting to get Little Mans 11+ results today and we were hoping that he would have passed.

Well I am not sure who was on more tender hooks waiting for the postman this morning, me, Andy or Little Man. We received a phone call first thing this morning, from one of Little Mans friends. His Mum was absolutely beside herself with pride and decided that she could phone and tell us he had passed without worrying about whether we had received our results or not because she was absolutely sure in her own mind that our Little Man would have passed! :rolleyes: I wish we had had the same confidence. We eventually received our post this morning at about 10:30am, over 2 hours earlier than last week thank goodness, and despite the letter being addressed to Andy and I we obvioulsy allowed Little Man to open it.

Needless to say he PASSED!!!!! :nonono::rolleyes: <_< :unsure:

We are so very very proud of him and are going to treat him to something nice. I know it is only an exam, but what the heck I am allowed to be proud. This exam was not easy.


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