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Colds !

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Well I am finally getting over my cold, not a nice sight :) My 3 year old is a constant source of strange observations. His latest profound statement was (and after a long think about it)"Dogs don't like jam" :) Well what can you sayHe also insisted he had his goodnight kiss. I told him I couldn't cos I had a cold"You're not cold, your warm" aww...bless him :) I never considered myself as a maternal person but since he started to get his own personality I just bore everyone to death about his latest thing that he has done. I'm really looking forward to a nice long weekend, hopefully we will get chance to go out and celebrate my birthday (a bit late but who cares)

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Aww katie, thats so cute! They are at a great age now aren't they? I mean, I've loved every bit of Minimoo as each stage is very special, but now you can interact with them and they respond and you can almost see their own little personalities emerging - its, well, its awesome :D

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I'll be the first to admit that I am not a baby person, but now my neice has her own personality she is absolutely hilarious.

On Sunday I took her round a local market where she informed me that she was only holding my hand so that I didn't get lost!!! how kind :D

She also spent the first half the market pointing out all the dogs and saying "that doggy looks like my doggy doesn't it?" I pointed out that in fact none of the terriers, poodles, alsatians, labs, mongrels etc bore any resemblance whatsoever to her boxer dog! At some point she must have got the message because she spent the second half saying " that doggy doesn't look like my doggy does it?" hmmmm! :D

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Well today Milo told me that he doesn't like butter but after a bit of thought said that Dogs do like butter.....so bare that in mind

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