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Much Ado About Haze

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"Sun Sad" by Mike Muk

The smoke haze is back in Singapore. It made front page news in the local newspapers & was reported in Channel News Asia as well. Quite a number of people also sent hazy photos to the Stomp website. The National Environment Agency (of which Met Services Division is a part) has also posted a haze update on its website.


For the haze to be such a newsworthy item actually speaks well for our usual air quality - in some large cities, smog prevails every day & such atmospheric conditions are the norm, & would not cause even the slightest of hiccups in the local news.

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It also made the Met Office in London: Wind spreads smoke altering weather

04 Oct 2006

Forest fires have been affecting the weather around Indonesia, with winds helping to spread the effect.

According to the October 4th report, smoke is obscuring sunlight and causing a noticeable drop in temperature in Singapore and other areas.

Such is the extent of the problem being spread by winds that flights are being cancelled due to the haze and locals are wearing masks.

"The visibility is 500 metres [550 yards]," said Olan Simanjuntak, a spokesman for Sultan Thaha airport in Jambi, in the Reuters report. "We are very irritated [by the haze]. Officials here are using masks."

Local farmers who practice slash-and-burn techniques in the belief that it increases soil fertility have been blamed for starting most of the fires.

Love to know the temp variations... Michelle?


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Temperature variations? Can't think of any way to access that at the moment, however you can get a lot of other haze info on this page.

The world seems to be getting smaller ...

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