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Von Karman Vortices

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A Von Karman vortex street caused by the airflow over the island of Jan Mayen in the Greenland Sea :


Such vortices can be seen in many other places; these trails off Alaska's Aleutian Islands are even more spectacular :


I must confess I have a soft spot for the Jan Mayen vortices, though, because Jan Mayen was where I first heard of the phenomenon ... the book Spacious Skies had several photos of them. I find them amazing - never realised such regular & intricate cloud patterns existed. :lol:

Spacious Skies began that section by saying, "Jan Mayen is one of the most interesting islands in the world ..." It is a little-known Norwegian-administered island, 600 km north of Iceland, hosting the northernmost active volcano (Beerenburg) on earth, & covered with a great glacier. It is uninhabited except for a rotating crew of 18 people, manning the LORAN and meteorological stations (Info taken from this site).

Some other Von Karman vortex links :

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Fabulous, Michelle. I had never heard of them, now I want to know more. You're a gem!


Well, I like you listing "Anything & everything which entails learning new skills or acquiring knowledge, if not wisdom" under your interests.

MM ;)

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