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Its over!

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Can't believe it has been so long since my last entry. I have been reading everyone elses blogs but have not done anything on my own. :o

Really this is just a quick note to say that Little Man has finished his 11+ examinations and now we can all relax a little while.

He has changed Primary schools as well and started at the local primary school on 6.9.06, so its all change! Quite stressful as I am not sure that changing for the final year of Primary school was a good idea, but he seems to be ok and within 3 days of being there gained a school award for being an "absolute asset to the school". Time will tell and we will have to wait and see what parents evening brings. I am going to the PTA meeting tonight as I am a firm believer of helping the school that my child attends.

We went to a family wedding on 15.7.06, Sport Relief day. The bride is a triatholon athelete and the groom rows, so we half expected then to run the mile for Sports Relief to the church, but alas it was all very "normal" however I have to say it was a beautiful wedding and absolutely lovely. Everything was perfect. :lol:

Little man made a friend, the bridesmaid and since 15.7.06 they have phoned each other on a regular basis, written to one another and texted one another. During the summer holidays we picked her up twice so that they could spend the day together doing something that they wanted to(Bowling, pizza, Big Sky etc etc). On 2 other occasions we all went out for a meal and we took her out for the day on another occasion on a Sunday. She has also been here for a weekend and had a sleep over and they are now planning a trip to Woburn Safari park this month to celebrate the end of their 11+ exams! Isn't young love special. . . . . . . only joking they have just hit it off and have become friends. She also invited him to her brothers christening and we spent the day with her family and they went up the park aswell. When I turned to see where they were and what they were doing, they were both lying down on the roundabout, whilst it was going round, looking up at the clouds in the sky!

The funniest part was the fact that Little Man was embarrased to ask when he initially wanted to phone her and asked if I could speak to her Mum first as he didn't think it was polite if he just phoned and asked to speak to Danielle . He said that it would be better if he got her Mums permission first and then her Mum would know who she was talking to, that it was safe and that he was being sensible in asking for permission first. :lol:

Anyway got to go. Still waiting Genetic testing results. Should be December now.

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