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Lunar eclipse

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I watched the moon rise this evening (on the 7th … it’s only six minutes into the 8th!) I wouldn’t usually but there was a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse is where the earth, moon and the sun are all in line, and the earth “shadows” the moon by blocking out the sun, as it would when they are all in line. Okay not the best explanation but it’s late! I spent 50 minutes looking outside and sure enough the moon popped up over the houses on the eastern horizon! It looked like a monster had eaten the top of the moon off until about 8:30pm when the moon appeared to be back to it's "normal" self!! I took some pictures but they were so bad I will save my dignity by not showing them! I’m so used to tracking the times of sunrise/sunset and watching them, it never really appeared that I should do the same with the moon! Something to keep a closer eye on I think in future! :lol:

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