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Red tape!!!!

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So the Candian Government has too much red tape for my liking, but obviously its necessary

I have applied for an extension on my work visa (14 weeks ago), although its been provisionally agreed, more info is needed for their files, which requires info from my HR department at the Bank....never easy

Because my temp SIN # is about to expire I need an extension on virtually everything, from payroll to my business license, to my albert health care, to my drivers license. Now as the Governement have taken so long over procesing my application, the problems have all began

So today I have called - the registry office regarding my drivers license, the town hall regarding my business license, HR and payroll for an extension on my SIN # so I still get paid and get my benefits, Alberta Health Care so I can get an extension and still be covered should I drunkedly fall down the stairs...oh the joys of dealing with the government

Anyhow, I might actually do some work now

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