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Been A While

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It's been a while since I blogged. I now have an apartment in New York. Just out in Queens with a good subway link to Manhattan.

Work is already taking me around the US. Spent a fair bit of time in Chicago which I love.

I'm currently in California about 40 miles North of LA. One of the perks of this job is that I can go for a drive once I finish work in the afternoon. So far this week I've been to Santa Barbara, Malibu and Beverly Hills. It's interesting being in what is pretty close to being a desert climate. In Burbank on Monday the termperature was in the mid-thirties. Here in Camarillo closer to the coast it is a much more pleasant 25 or so. Humidity is very low. The sun is very strong though which you don't realise. Even with spf 30 I still got tanned!

Anyway, back to Chicago next week followed by Minneapolis the week after. The first hint of Autumn approaching in the NOrthern states with 60oFs starting to appear on the Weather Channel. I can't wait for winter!

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