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Moderator To User Ratio

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I've noticed that since the last cold snap has passed, the ratio of mods to plebs is reaching worrying levels :) . It's amazing how the forum can be buzzing with 400 people one week then barely have 25 users the next. It's odd how we float around in life, caught up in something exciting for while, then drift off to something else.It's been a bleedin boring week so far. I've been trying to get the accounts back up to date - I hadn't touched them since January. Also had to work for the past two nights too. Now I've got a night off, I'm scratching round wondering what to do with it!Hopefully it won't be long now before the long summer nights come around and I can think of doing something constructive, like walking the dog or tinkering with the car (not that I'll probably do either but the intention is there...). Before that, though, "they" have to steal that hour from us when the clocks go forward. Damn farmers...Good news for fellow Goon Roo too - it made me smile becuase I remember from reading her blog that she had given up smoking. Being a man (and lets face it us chaps rarely have any idea what's going on) I immediately though that she was probably pregnant. It's funny how often that little rule has held true.Oh well, I suppose I should go find something useful to do...

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That'll teach me for reading a fellow goon's blog!!!

I didn't actually give up smoking for baby reasons then actually, so ner....this child is a complete 100% accident (though much wanted now it's here)....

:mellow: :lol: :huh: :o :blink: :lol: :blink: <_< :D :blink: :D :blink: :D :blink: :D (emotions felt upon discovering pregnancy.....)

Roo :)

P.S. What you've really gotta worry about when it's only 25 of us on here, is that it's the same 25 of us.....we really should get a life!!! Although I suspect I'm gonna get much more of a 'life' than I bargained for, come November! :o :D:D

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