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It`s Been A While

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Well the summer hols are coming to a end and ill be thankful to get my tribe back into school to be honest.they have ben bored this summer as i slipped a disc in my back again.last time was feb 2000 i was warned it would go again but you never expect it as such and its so really painfull.

getting the uniform sorted has been a pain 2 children now in secondary school and 2 in primary and they need so different things.

on a good note tho i get my contact lenses on the 6th sept so i can finally learn to drive yippeeeeee :whistling:

im 30 tomorrow and it finally dawned on me today on how time slips by un noticed.doesnt seem like yesterday when i was in my teens.my eldest also has a big milestone birthday of 13 of sept 2nd.and already has the atitude to go along with a 13 year old lad hehehe 1 down 3 to go :rolleyes:

ill try to keep it updated a bit more

all the best


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