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A Letter From Julian

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Pat has an 8-year old nephew living in Australia. One day in the office she grinned at me & said, "Want to read a letter from Julian?" She handed me a white envelope with the words :

Ee's Boss

Mad Office

solemnly written in scrawly handwriting on it.

It turned out that "Ee" referred to "Yi-Yi" which is "Auntie" in Chinese.

The letter read :

Dear Ee's Boss,

can you please give my Ee time off as leave to visit me in Sydney for my Confirmation. My Ee is my God-ma.

I long to see her in person.

Please let her come to see me thank you

God Bless you,

Yours lovingly

Julian the Boss

PS. or else!


Pat giggled & said that Julian thought our boss wasn't willing to give her leave at the end of the month, so he'd written the letter & given it to her dad (who was visiting at the time). I asked if she was going to show the letter to our boss but she laughed & shook her head. I think she should have, though. :whistling:

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