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End Of Summer

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It's only the 23rd of August and I know that there is still the chance of warm weather all the way until the end of September but it don't look good! Absolutely no sign of a HP coming close to us, potential for some ex TS's, a very Southerly Jet and ITCZ (which may bode well for the Winter) and some chilly nights ahead.

Still, it's been a fairly good summer, although it was too hot in July. It didn't help that I was in London during the height of it and travelling the underground was a smelly, sticky experience. There was a couple of days where I had all 4 fans in my house running; perhaps I should invest in a wee air conditioning unit if GW is going to affect us like the 'experts' say it will.

Personally it was a nice summer, me and the family were in France the last 2 weeks of June which, again, was hot and sticky, I took Mrs A-M to London as I said before to see a West End show (Chicago - it was excellent), went to see my folks up in Perth and had various days out. On the down side, we were supposed to go to Leeds festival this weekend but we couldn't get child cover so had to sell our tickets, mind you, looking at the forecast perhaps it was a small blessing.

Overall, not the best summer but by no means the worst!

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