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It's All In The Air....

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Finally managed to get hold of the buyers today since the recent incident.

The husband appears to be coming out of hospital later today (Friday) although he is not out of the woods yet. Still at least he is still with us :rolleyes: .

I found out today (Thursday) that I didn't get the job I went for in Belfast, I can't help it if I am useless :unsure: , perhaps Oon may employ me?

Still chin up, still applying although I have found that I am battling with the newly released and soon to be exploited students that have just qualified. I mean, who in their right mind would work as an IT manager for £6.50 per hour :whistling: add another £10 per hour and it may be worth it!

Still, if we can get this flaming house sold I can move forward with my company plans and get back to the nitty gritty of working on my own.

Well a boring read, and hey, well, it beats counting sheep (just).

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