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well the Roo-meister has got a cold....and not one of the occasional sniff and the odd cough variety...ohhhh noooooooo! This is of the raging fever, two days in bed, hacking your guts up and sneezing variety....courtesy of Andrew's niece.....I knew I shouldn't have spent time with the common in laws last week.....conclusive proof it's bad for me health!Anyway, having coughed and spluttered through the last two days, I haven't really done a lot apart from watch loads of telly and sleep....even ended up watching Ready Steady Cook: I was that out of it...Last night in front of Comic Relief....I get sooooooo angry when I look at what so many of the world's population have to go through...I just CANNOT imagine a life ever like that...no safety net, no-one to scoop you up and help, no social services, nothing.....it's terrible....and when you see these tiny little kids (same age as Andrew's niece, who is spoilt, primped and cosseted) almost running their homes and looking after their sick parents, etc, it makes me sooooo angry....It really is about time the West got off its backside and helped, and I don't just mean the odd million here or there....I mean sustained help and debt relief, the kinda help that makes up for many hundreds of years exploitation......I keep hoping that maybe one day things will change.......

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