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Bleedin Lane Discipline

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Today got off on the wrong foot.Why oh why do people insist in sitting in the outside lane of a motorway or dual carriageway doing 5mph while there is absolutely nothing in the inside lane? I can't think of many things more infuriating :) I much prefer the American way where you can overtake in any lane. When I mention this, most people seem to think it's much more dangerous. It's not though, it's actually safer. People have to have much better spacial awareness, they need to keep a better watch on all their mirrors. With this greater awareness, it's actually safer. It's also safer because people don't get het up by some dolt sat in the outside lane blissfully unaware of the chaos behind them.Whilst I wasn't spitting feathers, I wasn't in the best frame of mind this morning.It's been a pretty nice week, I haven't had to work in the evenings too much (just twice). I'd be lying if I didn't say I hate working in the evenings after a day at work, but it has to be done! Next week is looking ominous with Monday and Tuesday allready filled. Oh Well...Here's one for any rally fans. Go to www.ketomaa.com and click on Kuvagalleria. Jari Ketomaa is a very talented driver and has some very nice in car film from some of his stages. I've downloaded a few over my sparkly new 2MB cable broadband and saved it to the "TV" PC. The "TV" PC is a machine I built based around Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition. I may go into more detail at a later date, but it's a DIY TIVO with a few more bells and whistles. The net result is that I'm slowly building up a database of Video On Demand film clips.

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You could just whizz past on their inside though Evo if the middle lane is clear. Take a chance that there's no police around ;)

I've done it, I mean it's not as if it would be your fault that they were slower than they should be!

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Was overtaking on the middle lane last week, while being overtaken on the outside lane which is normal motorway traffic. Two lorries on my left had a bit of a gap between them, not much point fitting in there and just to proceed on at 70 and slot in when it gets clearer. All of a sudden some pillock flew past behind on my left into the gap then pulled out in front of me and zoomed off. Those 'speeding' on my right where obviously too slow.

While I've never seen the outside lane "sunday drivers", too bloody many of them in the middle lane.

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I try and abide by the rules (even the ones I detest), though sometimes it's tempting not to :lol:

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