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Today we went to Bowood in Wiltshire

I have never experienced Wiltshire before and was pleasantly suprised that it is a really lovely countryside B)

Bowood is a fantastic place to take children between the age of approx 4-12. Little fella was a happy chappy all day long and if I lived nearer I would certainly purchase a season ticket :doh:

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:D Yay it's brill isn't it and what a glorious day to go there!

Did he go on the massive pirate ship? How about down by the lake for a picnic?

More importantly, did Mummy go on the death slide :p ?

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I thought they had one especially for over 12s.

4 or so years ago I was part of a school trip that took about 100 Year 2 children there. I spent the day with 2 other adults & their groups. We took it in turns to go down the death slide after the children had spent ages playing. It was our turn to play!!

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