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My Wedding (3!)

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Great Plum


Hey all,

as promised, here is my 3rd installment of my wedding. Sorry it's taken me a bit longer than I thought it would!

Here is me doing my speech - I think I must have done OK as I made my sister cry, and my Mum, and Angie's Mum, and Angie... or maybe I just scared them! :doh:


After the speeches, came the cutting of the cake. The cake was very yummy and we had a sponge, a chocolate and a fruit cake! As you can see, it was very well decorated by Amanda, a friend of my Mum's who did all the flowers. Actually, all the flowers and decorations she did were amazing and a lot of people commented on them.


After that, it was time for the first dance... yikes! We had chosen a song by a little known folk/jazzy singer songwriter called annA rydeR - called There you'll be - she was very pleased to have it as a first dance when I saw her at a gig a couple of weeks later. Her stuff is worth checking out! The dance went surprisingly well actually and a few people spared our blushes by joining in quite quickly.

A mention should be made of the music. My friend, Tom Ryder, does wedding music etc for a living and he did a great disco for me. He also had two singers, Jess and Gavin who were brilliant. Click here for more info on them both. (Interestingly, the band leader, Julian Jackson was at school on the year above me!) Jess was at school two years below me and is quite a good friend. She first sang live at my 18th birthday party and now she is an aspiring soul singer.

The evening then went on really very quickly - thankfully one of the bridesmaids filmed the evening (some very amusing drunken moments). We got changed into our 'going away' outfit at about 10.30 and came back to have a final drink and for Angie to throw her bouquet - Dani, my cousin's girlfriend, caught it - about time they got married!

Dad had got everyone outside in two long lines waving us off - I felt like royalty! We then went and stayed at a hotel in Rusper before flying off to Kenya and Tanzania.

It really was the best day of my life so far! B)

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You seem to have had a fantastic day :D

Thanks for letting us see the photos B)

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