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A Humble Start

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Well, I though I would get off my posterior and give some dosh to the kind folks at net-weather, it's the least I can do for filling up their servers with irrelevant gibberish for the last couple of months.You won't find anything too juicy, incase I make myself identifyable to any of my customers :) or worse still colleagues (yeah, like giving away the car you drive when it's rare isn't stupid enough already!).Well, about me. I'm 26, young I suppose, though I feel old to be honest! I work with computers and what I do is probably totally boring to most people, I mean it is to me a lot of the time too. I've always had a knack with them. I've had no formal training to speak of, I prefer to learn by experimentation. I left school at 16 and did two A-Levels in maths and physics at night school whilst working (I had hoped to get sponsorship to become a pilot but that soon became clear it was never going to happen - too many fish in the sea). I now have a senior IT position in a company and am also a director in "my" company (though, it's not all mine!). I have to juggle both jobs at the same time, though the "other" company is pretty understanding, which is handy.My main interests other than computers are aviation (a passing interest now sadly), motorsport - particularly rallying (if I wasn't so in debt I would be rallying), cars in general and snooker (although I still play like a dunce despite playing every week for 10+ years - had a 56 break once though, or was it 54. I dunno). Errr and other stuff too. I suppose I should add looking out for a nice wifey is a hobby :) I've never been totally fascinated by the weather, it's a general interest. I like to know a little about everything and I never realised just how complicated the weather is.I think that's enough for now, I could go on for hours but that would just be plain greedy :)

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