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My Wedding (2!)

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Great Plum


Hi all,

well, as promised, now it's time for the second instalment of my wedding!

We all arrived at Christ's Hospital at about 4.45 - our car had gone slower than the Routemaster!! We had a fab car - as you can see below - it is an Austin Princess Limousine I believe! It had a ride like a bed and a glorious burbling V8!


Well, we all tucked into our Pimms drinks reception (isn't pimms great for a sunny day?) - some had more than others - one of the bridesmaids quickly became drunk! LOL (see pic below for birdesmaid already falling asleep!


and then we had the photos - why do these always take so long? LOL but we were able to have these done fairly quickly before we moved over to the theatre for the reception proper. Below is a picture of my me, Mrs Plum and Mr and Mrs Plum (senior!)


We had our (wonderful) barbequed main course all seated formally. Then it was the speeches - which I have to say went well! Angie's sister did the father of the bride speech (as her Dad wasn't at the wedding), I had to do a speech, which I dreaded but everyone seemed to laugh. My best man's speech was possibly one of the funniest I have ever heard... he even dragged me up at one point! ( I guess it comes from him being a lawyer!)

There was a surprise for me in the speech - I am a frequent poster on the CH Forum website which is a board for Old Blues (Old pupils of Christ's Hospital!) I have the ame user name there and one of the posters wrote a poem for the wedding, which was read out (by great skill) by one of my old teachers during the speech. Perhaps I should just point out that I play the flute and piccolo Here it is:

An Open letter to the Bride from members of the Unofficial Christ’s Hospital Forum concerning Matthew aka “Great Plum”

Oh Angie, dear, what have you done?

You’ve gone and married Mr Plum!

Those of us who really knew

This, Matthew, here, when he was Blue

Could tell you many things, I fear,

That might cause you to shed a tear

Or blush for shame, did you but know

How small, indeed, his piccolo!

This tiny pipe (‘twas but a toy)

He loved to play with as a boy

He hoped that when at last he grew

To man’s estate this would grow too

Until perhaps the day would come

To have a huge euphonium.

So seize the moment very soon

And ask him for a little tune!

And now Angie, (you must be told)

No bat he held nor ball he bowled

But yet, his cricket father’s son,

So soon his Housey colours won

For cricket (which his father ran

As well befits a cricket fan).

‘Tis written down in Housey lore

Matt did record the highest score.

Now plums, you know, are shiny bright

And should be tasted fully ripe

For, left too long, they shrivel soon

And turn into a wrinkled prune.

So bite him deep, plum juices suck ……

Soon little damsons run amuck

And in your orchard there will be

Another Holdsworth family.


Look out for the 3rd and final installment soon!

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GP, it seems like you and Angie had a wonderful day, and cant wait for installment 3!

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Good one Matt!

Shame you're putting Angie in the shade in that 1st pic though :lol: .

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