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Some Good News

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A few weeks ago (feels longer) my beloved Izzy died on me :) Izzy was very close to me. Hubbie bought her for my birthday.

I thought all hope was lost but then I asked a kind man today if there was any hope. He took little Izzy, gently putting her into a cradle and then......a glimmer of hope as the little apple started to appear and yes, my darling ipod was brought back to life :)

I bought her some speakers to cheer her up :)

My Citreon C3 had an urgent recall issued to it, so severe that hubbie had to sign for the letter when it arrived :doh: It appears that it needs some cups putting on the suspension springs so that if they break they don't hit the tyre. Pity they didn't do this earlier, as that is exactly what it did on Valentine's day B) Good news is that, on speaking with Citreon, they say I just have to take the bill into the dealership and they will sort it out - Happy Days £223 better off :)

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