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If there is a god he is banging me against a brick wall, to make me tougher? Maybe, but it’s killing me right this minute. I don’t really believe in god… but however I’m not saying such a “thing” doesn’t exist. I say this because I, as a person have only lived in a western culture for eighteen years and seven months. I’ve not lived in a world where science doesn’t prevail and people’s lives are based around a belief, I’ve not heard their side of the story. I believe pretty firmly in evolution and science but maybe that’s partly because I’ve yet to visit a poor village in a third world country where people have yet to “discover” such things. If there isn’t a god, which there may well not be, then maybe there’s a “spiritual being” amongst all. With some people they find it easier to find that others. But then maybe I’m speaking a load of ball! I’m not a pagan, but my religion is nature, it’s where things grow, die change with the seasons, I like that. :doh:

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